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Your search for the best gourmet head cheese has just ended!  Welcome to Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausage, located in Milwaukee, WI, where “down home” tradition meets “delectably different” gourmet!  For almost 40 years, Malone’s has produced a signature specialty meat called head cheese, also known as souse, sultz, or hog’s head cheese.  Over the years, Malone’s Headcheese recipe has become widely recognized by both connoisseurs and casual consumers as the category’s gold standard.  Malone's gourmet head cheese is made Fresh, has no preservatives and is all natural!!  With superior ingredients, refined production techniques, and two generations of Southern flair, Malone’s Fine Sausage Pork Delicacy, is the treat you’ll want for your next formal, family or just-for-fun affair!  Malone's "Gourmet Headcheese with an Attitude" will invite you to "Think Outside The Cracker"!  Enjoy your travels through our store.